Thursday, July 24, 2014

Creative, Cheap & Easy DIY Hacks

Ever wondered what to do when your in a pinch and run out of masking tape? Need to know how to store your tools to keep them good as new? Vibrant Doors have come up with some handy hints and hacks to make your DIY tasks a little easier.

Creative, Cheap & Easy DIY Hacks

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Custom Home Open House

Join us for our one-time-only Custom Home Open House July 27th from 2 - 5 pm at 60 Black Oak Drive. You'll be able to see one of our custom built homes first hand, as well as have the opportunity to talk with the home owners about their buying, building, and living experience. We hope to see you there!

Date: 07/27
Location: 60 Black Oak Drive, Felton, DE, 19943Time: 1-4pm

Thursday, July 17, 2014

How to Organize Your Refrigerator Properly

Organizing your refrigerator can not only make it much easier when cooking or looking for a snack, it can also save you money on your electricity bill! The two actually go hand in hand, because you'll spend more time with the refrigerator door open searching for food, you'll end up wasting a lot of the cold air.

Take a look at the following infographic from Frost-Tech Ltd to learn some tips on how to keep your fridge organized.

 How To Organize Your Refrigerator Properly

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Southern Meadows Block Party

Join us July 19th from 4 - 6 pm at 104 Bluebell Dr for the Southern Meadows Block Party! You're sure to have a great time, we hope to see you there! You'll have the opportunity to see and spend the night at our brand new Dogwood model! 

Date: July 19th
Time: 4-6pm
Location: 104 Bluebell Dr Magnolia, DE

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

7 Ways to Enjoy Your Summer Holidays

For many students, the start of the summer signifies a temporary break from the routine of school work. For others, summer may mean having to endure longer hours of the scorching sun and unbearable humidity. But whether your part of the young ones who are privileged to have summer vacations or part of the young at heart who may dread the summer heat, this season doesn't just have to be spent idly at home or stuck in an air conditioned room all day. Here are some tips to get the most sizzle from your summer holidays.

7 Ways to Enjoy Your Summer Holidays
by 24slides.