Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pictures from Valentine's Party 2009

Here's a summary of how the party went; There were 30 plus people that attended, New resident's were introduced Sibyl & Warren Hoover, Pat & Bruce Moran We sang Happy Birthday for those celebrating there special day for the months of Jan. & Feb. Maryann Dona & Maryjane Sienkiewicz came up with idea of having a 50/50 raffle ticket sale and Maryllew Panzig won the raffle there was plenty of delicious dishes and desserts prepared for everyone to enjoy and at the end everybody pitched in and help clean-up.

It was agreed by all that the party was enjoyable from beginning to end!!

Thats all for now......Bobbe.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ladies Luncheon! Feb 24th (Tuesday); Noon

Attention Ladies of Southern Meadows.

Once a month we meet for lunch and explore DE cusine:) Since we started the lunch list has grown because everyone seems to really enjoy this outting. During the holidays, we didn't meet and many of our Southern Meadows gals were disappointed. So due to popular demand........we are back. It is a good way to sit down and have a meal with your neighbors and get to know each other. Especially our new residents. We talk, laugh and have just a plain old good time

The lunch will always be on the last Tuesday of the month and details will be posted on the bulletin board in the Clubhouse along with a sign up sheet. Each month I will post the time and place in which we will meet. Anyone interested should sign the sheet to let us know if you are going so we have a head count. I have to call the restaurant ahead of time with a count of how many will attend.

Feb 24th we will meet at Countrie Eaterie at noon. http://www.countrieeatery.com

Suggestions are always welcome and if anyone has a favorite place or a place of interest.........Please feel free to let me know.
My email address is: elizamary12@comcast.net or 335-8232

And don't forget to sign up:)
~Arlene Drobish

Reminder: Management Meeting

There is a management meeting for this Thursday the 26th everyone is invited to attend. Will we get a brief overview from all the committees so that everyone is "in the know" with what is happening with them and also any issues/ideas you'd like to discuss about the community. Please also keep in mind this is not a gossip arena or a place to air yours or your neighbors laundry. Lets all be considerate, caring, tolerant, and patient as I know you ALL to be, and keep our one common goal in mind........ To make Southern Meadow a GREAT place to live! : )

We hope to have the revised rules available for then as well.

Also, the March calendar has the next management meeting listed (the 26th of March).

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Music of Cole Porter Friday, March 27, Schwartz Center 7:00 Car pool

The Music of Cole Porter Friday, March 27, Schwartz Center 7:00 Car pool

Cole Porter Wrote over 1,000 songs, including "Anything Goes," "Night and Day," "From this Moment on," and Begin the Beguine," to name a few, and musicals such as "Can Can" and "Silk Stockings."

We have reserved 20 excellent seats together for Southern Meadow Enrichment, and the $23.00 seats will cost $20.75 after we buy fifteen, By Monday March 16th. In any case, we keep the great seats!

This is our first show, and we hope to have a good turnout. Make checks out to the "Shwartz Center for the Arts" for $23.00 ($2.25 rebated when 15 are sold!) Checks and questions should be directed to Larry or Janet, 335-8344 If shows do not meet minimums by March 9, to keep prices down, we will open up program to residents of other 55+ Communities, who agreed to open programs up to us! Sign up early!!

Those Funny Guys, Friday April 17, Schwartz Center, 7:00 Car Pool

Last year a few residents saw another clean comedy show at the Schwartz and it was wonderful, and this one, as I understand it, is selling fast. We have again reserved 20 seats together for Southern Meadow Enrichment, and the $30 tickets will cost $27.00 after we buy fifteen, by Monday, April 6, and again keep the great seats!

Make checks out to Schwartz Center for the Arts for $30.00 ($3.00 rebate when 15 are sold!) Checks and questions should be directed to the Koch's 335-8344.
If shows do not meet minimums by March 30, to keep prices down, we will open up program to residents of other 55+ Communities, who agreed to open programs up to us! Sign up early!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

General Management Meeting - Notes

2009 has been a busy year so far at Southern Meadow. We held our first monthly General Management meeting on January 7th. These meetings were suggested as an open forum, for ideas and information to be shared between residents, and the Developers of Southern Meadow. The first meeting was very well attended, with lots of great ideas and observations being brought up, and shared. We are working on implementing a great many of them right now.

Much of the discussion was centered on the community activities, with the residents wanting to take a more active roll in the planning and implementation of their activities. We discussed how best to do this, and how to keep the resident up to date on what’s being planned, and when things are happening. This Blog is a result of that discussion, for example. I don’t want to steal Jill’s thunder, with the progress she and the committee heads have been making, so be sure to check back on the Blog and see the updates to the calendar and the other postings.

There were some other issues that came up, regarding rules for private use of the clubhouse, 911 and First aid issues in the Clubhouse, and a request for more info regarding the fitness equipment. The Clubhouse committee has been working on drafting rules for the clubhouse, the emergency phone line is in, and the first aid kit was located. We have also put out the manuals going to the workout equipment, for those needing it.

The next scheduled management meeting is the 26th of February. The meetings are always on the last Thursday of each month, and will be posted on the activities calendar as well. I hope to see you there!


Monday, February 16, 2009