Wednesday, February 18, 2009

General Management Meeting - Notes

2009 has been a busy year so far at Southern Meadow. We held our first monthly General Management meeting on January 7th. These meetings were suggested as an open forum, for ideas and information to be shared between residents, and the Developers of Southern Meadow. The first meeting was very well attended, with lots of great ideas and observations being brought up, and shared. We are working on implementing a great many of them right now.

Much of the discussion was centered on the community activities, with the residents wanting to take a more active roll in the planning and implementation of their activities. We discussed how best to do this, and how to keep the resident up to date on what’s being planned, and when things are happening. This Blog is a result of that discussion, for example. I don’t want to steal Jill’s thunder, with the progress she and the committee heads have been making, so be sure to check back on the Blog and see the updates to the calendar and the other postings.

There were some other issues that came up, regarding rules for private use of the clubhouse, 911 and First aid issues in the Clubhouse, and a request for more info regarding the fitness equipment. The Clubhouse committee has been working on drafting rules for the clubhouse, the emergency phone line is in, and the first aid kit was located. We have also put out the manuals going to the workout equipment, for those needing it.

The next scheduled management meeting is the 26th of February. The meetings are always on the last Thursday of each month, and will be posted on the activities calendar as well. I hope to see you there!


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