Monday, March 2, 2009

Feb 27th Management Blog

We had a good Resident-Management meeting yesterday. There was lots of discussion on the activities and events, which Jill will cover separately. It really seems to be working out well, with lots of folks participating, and plenty of enthusiasm. I love the pictures from the Valentines Day party. Thanks to Bobbie for being the photo bug that night! If other residents have digital photos of community events that want to get posted, talk to Jill, and she’ll get them up on the blog for you.

We did address a few issues that I’d like to follow up on. We are making the changes suggested by the Clubhouse committee, to the clubhouse code of conduct rules. We will be sending them out shortly, and they will take affect in 60 days. We will verify whether we need 1 or 2 more tables, plus 8 more chairs, and get them ordered, along with some additional silverware. We have an additional security light orders, thru DEC, for the club house. It will be at the far ends of the circle, lighting up that area, and the end of the ramp as well. Mr. Panzig was there to help show the area that needed more lighting. It may take a number of week, but we have the process started. Also, Jim is taking care of the microwave turntable issue.

We are looking into options for the glass table in the clubhouse, and considering a community garden area, and where it might be located. We’ll report more on those issues either back in this blog, or at the next Resident-Management meeting. The next one is scheduled for Thursday, March 26th, at 11AM. Enjoy this early spring weather while it lasts!


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