Monday, March 9, 2009

Follow Up: Monthly Management Forum

We wanted to follow up briefly on our Feb. management meeting, specifically regarding the idea of a community garden area. The best location we could come up with is between Daffodil Rd, and the fence, across from the intersection of Daffodil and Lavender, just past the club house. This is community common area, with good sun. It’s easily accessible by all, but in an unobtrusive spot. We’ll need an idea of how large to make it for this year. We can always enlarge it in future years as needed.

We’ll have our crew remove the sod in that area, bring in a load of mushroom soil and roto-till it in with the existing top soil, for a good planting bed. We can look into a low, attractive perimeter fence if needed. Can those of you who expressed an interest get together, and work with Jill on how you want to proceed? Let us know the size first, so we can get moving. Planting time is just around the corner ( I’m told that peas should already be in the ground!) Happy Spring!!


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