Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Questions about Clubhouse Rules

There have been a number of questions regarding the Clubhouse rules changes we sent out. The additions to the rules (the last 3 items on the second page) were generated by the clubhouse committee, and added to the existing rules. No other changes were made. Most of the questions we received were regarding the existing rules, and after reviewing them, we think we can update these, and improve them, with your input.

What we’d like to do is meet with a few residents (4-6 individuals) and go through all the clubhouse and pool rules and update them. We’ve found this type of collaborative approach is the best way to work on these types of revisions. We’ll work from the existing rules, and try to get copies from other communities to use as a reference as well.

At the next Management –Resident meeting, on the 26th, we’ll organize who would like to help out in the rewrite, and get them copies of the material they’ll need. We should be able to complete this in 2 meetings, so let’s plan on meeting on Thursday, April 2nd, and the following Thursday, the 9th at 11AM. Once we have them finalized, we’ll resend the new rules out to all the residents, and they will take effect in 60 days.

If there are residents who will not be able to attend, and have comments they’d like to be included, please send thm to Jill, and we’ll bring them up with the group. Thanks for your help and understanding!


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