Friday, May 1, 2009

Meet: Southern Meadows Enrichment Committee

Southern Meadows Enrichment Committee
Members- Bill, Cybil, Arlene, Fern, Janet, Larry, MaryJane

The Southern Maine Enrichment Committee met in April of 2009.
Since we were given the role of sponsoring visitations and programs outside of Southern Meadows by management, the committee has arranged car pools for “Cole Porter,” ork in the Park,” a trip to Washington, the fights at Dover Downs and the upcoming Harry James Orchestra programs. Thirty four residents and guests have taken part in our programs.

Our goal is to satisfy our residents. The basic committee tries to identify less expensive programs for residents. A sub –committee, made up of Fern and Arlene, has identified additional programs that have a wider range and are more costly for members who are so inclined. These have been posted both on the blog and in the clubhouse. Again, we are still new and are still trying to find out what residents want. We welcome new members, and residents are welcome to suggest ideas to any member to bring up to the group.

The “Rehoboth Beach Sidewalk Sale” trip for May 16 has been cancelled as a Committee trip, because many of the original sign ups can’t make it or are no longer interested, and the Party Committee is having a party on that day.

The following are activities that have been authorized, set and scheduled by the committee.

July 29, Blue Rocks Baseball $8
August 1- Dawson Trip to Baltimore Harbor $29
September 12- Indian PowWow

The Following are programs that have been authorized but a date has not been selected. After potential interest and availability has been assessed, a mutually acceptable date can be selected.

1. Trip to a winery understanding the process, tasting, $7
2. Trip to a brewery understanding the process, tasting, free
3. Ferry trip to Cape May, Sunset return, ($21)
4. Ferry trip and on to Atlantic City ($12)

These options will be posted in the Clubhouse and on the Blog. We also hope to have a web list for residents of museum, theatre and other points of interests.

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