Monday, June 29, 2009

Management blog, June 2009

We went over lots of little issues at our monthly meeting. We are going to sponsor a van to the Blue Rocks game in Wilmington, on Wednesday July 29th. We will have room for up to 20 people, and are planning to stay up at the Riverfront for an early dinner, with everyone welcome that wants to stay. Tickets for the game are $8, and dinner will be on you, but we’ll get you there and back.

Water aerobics has started, now that the pool has warmed up a bit, and the horseshoe pit is getting plenty of use, now that summer has finally arrived. Jill has the July calendar out, with lots of stuff planned. Check it out, and sign up! There were also a few questions about clubs or groups, like quilting or painting classes. Hopefully we’ll get some folks that want ot give it a try!

There were a few questions pertaining to the club house and pool rules we recently put out. The pool hours are from Dawn till dusk. There is a sign in the pool that says the pool closes at 6, but the residents group that helped draft the rules thought Dusk was a reasonable cut off time. Also the question came up about having children at community “outdoor” events, (like the 4th of July picnic) and management’s interpretation is they are welcome to event like these, since thety are mostly out of the clubhouse. They can use the pool and bathroom facilities as well during this time. As always, residents are responsible for their guests conduct.

The back gate has not been working recently, and we are aware of the malfunction. We will be getting his fixed. The gate should open and close, when you are exiting from Daffodil Rd, and residents aew welcome to use this exit if they choose. It is not and entrance, and does not open if you are coming from the adjacent community.

Have a great summer, and keep an eye on that garden! Those tomato’s are getting big!!!


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