Monday, August 31, 2009

August Management Blog

There were just a couple of small issues at the management meeting this month. We have the new speed limit signs posted, and will be installing the mile markers around the walking trail. There were also a few street lights, and lights around the pool that need new photo cells. We’ll get those fixed shortly.

We will also start working on the monthly/annual budgets for the social committees, for supplies and what not. Jill will be meeting with the committee heads in September, on the 1st.

We also plan on cleaning and re oiling the hard wood floors in the clubhouse in September. This will take a day or 2. We apologize for any inconvenience and will work around scheduled activities. We’ll post the dates we are doing work when we have a date nailed down.

Just a reminder, we’ll be keeping the pool opened into September, based on weather, temperatures and usage. It will close no later the ne the end of September. This fall, we’ll have a meeting with the rules committee and discuss establishing “kids swim” access hours. We’ll let you know when that meeting is.

Fall is coming, enjoy the cooler weather when it gets here!

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