Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all enjoyed your turkey dinners!

We have some extra things happening this month.....

We've got caroling, la, la, la
a cookie party, mmmmmm,
a food drive coming,
I'll need some help decorating the tree on friday @ 2,
bring an orniment or two of your own if you'd like
(put your name on them, what the heck?)
we have the card exchange,
Scrooge playing on the 17th, bah hum bug!
(need the $ by the 9th to Mr. Koch),
And you holiday party at Mari Monte, manja
(someone tell me how to spell that)!!

What a BUSY month!

Take note the management meeting is on the 10th. I'll try to have a draft of January's calendar so we can avoid this mayham next month.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all those who have volenteered in the past year and the coming year for all you do and will do!
I know how much everyone appreciates you all and how much I do as well.

And thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone for being so patient with me and understanding. Most of you really recognize that I am doing the best I can with all the tasks at hand. And thank you to those of you who tell me they appreciate me and know that I am trying very hard....

It's always nice to be appreciated : )

And thank goodness for those of you who keep me straight!!!
I'd really be lost without you : )

See you all soon.....
May Your New Year Be Healthy And Happy!

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