Friday, December 11, 2009

New Oven, Floors, Funds and More..

Here’s just a quick Pre-Holiday update from our Management meeting.

We are looking into installing a stove in the club house, and we are waiting on formal Fire Marshall Approval. They told us verbally that they have allowed it in some other communities like ours, with some limitations.

It will be some time next year, if we get that approval. The stove must only be used for reheating food, so we can’t use it to cook a whole Thanksgiving meal, or something big like that, but I doubt that’s how anyone would use it anyway. We’ll keep you posted.

We’ll also be cleaning and re finishing the floors in the clubhouse next month. The floors are finished with Tongue oil, so it’s not a smelly mess like using polyurethane, and they will not have to resand the surface either. By putting an extra coat down every few years, we should keep the oak floors looking great for years to come.

There was a question about the unused funds allocated to each committee each month. If unused, that money rolls into next month, and so on until it’s eventually used. If a committee wants to save up for a quarter, and use it for some big event, or what ever, that’s up to the residents on that committee. It is NOT a use it or lose it type thing. If we find the budget is not correct, or it needs to grow as we get more residents, we may adjust it in the future

We are also adding some new features on our blog soon, link to area events, weather and more. Keep your eyes open for our new look next year! Merry Christmas, and happy Holidays!


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