Friday, February 5, 2010

Here comes the snow!! - Management

Well this looks like it’s shaping up to be a big storm. An old friend of mine is a Meteorologist, and has a weather blog that is pretty interesting, albeit very technical. So if you are a weather junky, and are interested in the science behind the forcasts, check it out. Its

Our staff is ready, with equipment staged, plow trucks set up and loaded with salt, etc.. But if we get a few feet of snow, please bear with us. It’s a lot of snow to move around, and not a lot of places to put it. Stay home, cook a big meal, or plan a dinner with some neighbors! Get your shopping done now, then stay home. There is no need to go out until all the roads are open. We’ll have Southern Meadow open before the county roads are safe to drive.

The guys will be putting in long days ( and nights), and will be thru the community multiple times before the snow lets up, so if you see them, give them a wave and a smile, and if you can keep your cars out of the way, or better yet, in the garage, it will make their job easier.

We’ll have the clubhouse plowed out and ready for the Super Bowl party, don’t worry. Maybe this will even get a few more folks down there, if they get a little stir crazy from all the snow. This type of storm makes living in a 55+ community all the better, with friends right next door, and a community facility right down the street, whether you are working out or watching football!

At the last management-residents meeting we went over the ideas we have to reconfigure the TV room and the Great room, to facilitate more functions. We’ll work on that next week, unless the snow really sets us back. We hope to have the furniture and pool table moved before next weekend, and we’ll be re-oiling the hardwood floors in early March.

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