Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring is coming at last!

With the tree bud’s getting bigger and the Daffodils starting to bloom, it seems that winter is at last behind us. We had our monthly management meeting and went over some things for Spring as well. The Garden will open April 15th. We’ll have it freshly tilled, and about a dozen 8x8 plots laid out. We killed the weeds at the end of last season, and left it covered all winter, so we think the weeds will be much less of a problem this year. Once it’s open, just mark your spot with your name on a stake, and it will be yours for the season. Last Year, we had a few spots left over, so there should be plenty.

We’ll be cleaning up the walking trails, and re-mulching in April. We’ve also been asked to add 2 more benches, on the trail around the pond. It’s time to get back into shape for Spring!!

We’ll be spring starting your irrigation in April as well. The contractor will turn on your system, and make sure it’s ok with a pressure test; he’ll adjust all the sprinkler heads, and make sure the program timing is correct. Your lawn will be set to get watered 3x per week, for about 20 minutes each day. He will then TURN OFF YOUR SYSTEM. You do not need to water your lawn in the spring. Typically in mid to late June, you should turn it on, and leave it on till September. The Start and end time depend on how wet or Dry a season we get

To turn on your system, you just go to your irrigation box, on the side of your home, open it up, and turn the button to “on”. If we get to a particularly dry period, you can start an extra watering cycle by pressing “manual” it will run one time, and not mess up the program. . If you have any other questions, ask Jim and he can show you how to do it. He’ll also be at the next management meeting, on the 29th of April as well.

Jim had a few other suggestions for Spring. You can turn off your water line heat tape, by switching off the red switch in your utility room. If you haven’t changed your heater filter recently, it’s a good time to do it. Also, you can open up your crawl space vents, located around the outside of your home, on the foundation. There is a little knob, and you slide it over to open them up. Grass cutting season is coming soon, and we ask that you pick up your hoses, and move your outdoor furniture off the grass on Mondays, so the grass guys can come thru. They cannot be responsible for hoses, or other items left on the grass.

Lastly, we announced we’ll be hiring an onsite property manager, who will also handle the activities coordination, and cover the sales office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We hope to have to position filled by the end of April, and think it will really be a help for all of us! She’ll take on some of what Jill does, when she’s out on maternity leave.