Friday, April 30, 2010

Exercise Equipment

Happy Friday!

Yesterday it was decided that after every monthly management meeting Andy will be giving instructions on the exercise equipment! Maybe we'll see you there next time.

Anyone for Bowling?!

Hi Neighbors.

Ginny and Chip and are planning a community bowling for anyone who wants to go. Bowling will be Tuesday afternoons at :
Brunswick Doverama
Address: Rodney Village Shopping Center
City: Dover
State: DE
Zip: 19904
Phone: (302) 734-7501

Games are $1.29 a game and shoes are $3.00 a pair.

This is just for fun and a nice way to get together and do something fun and challenging.

The plan is everyone who is interested to meet at the clubhouse at 1:40 so we know how many alleys we will need..........also car pool is a good idea especially with the price of gas these days.

Usually we bowl at least 2 games.

So anyone interested, please meet at the clubhouse Tues May 4th at 20 to 2PM.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yard Sale Time Again!!!!

It's that time again!! Everyone is invited to join us at our semi-annual yard sale on May 1st beginning at 9. Hot dogs will be served at the clubhouse beginning about 11:30 until they are gone. Last year, I promised myself not to buy anything and I ended up buying something from every house I stopped at!!!! It's true when they say "Something for everyone!," isn't it?!
So, I guess I'll see you then!

P.S. to my residents..... I need a volunteer or two to cook.... please?
Let me know : ) Thanks!

Great Turn Out at the 55+ Expo!

Well, Deb and I had a wonderful time at the 55+ expo. It was nice to see so many new faces and some we are familiar with as well. We met a ton of new people and look forward to further correspondence with them. We gave away some beautiful carnations just for stopping by our booth and I'll tell you..... they were a hot commodity! Thanks everyone who helped us make it lovely and everyone who came by and participated!

Up Coming Management Meeting

For our next management meeting (4-29-10) we will be discussing:

• Our new hire, and Verna, her start date, and training period.

• The opening of the garden plots, and reminders of maintenance (still 3 plots left but hurry, see Jim or Jill!)

• Some reminders from Jim; open your vents, clean your heater filters, mowing schedule, irrigation start up

• We’ll be putting in a small fishing pier in the pond, as well as cleaning up the walking trail and mulching.

• Reminders to clean up your landscaping beds as needed, or to contract with someone to do it for you

See you then!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Community Garden

The community garden will be open and available for "claims day" on the 15th of April, plots will be staked, ground tilled, and a three foot walk way added.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ladies Lunch: Plan A & B (weather permitting)

Hello all you lovely ladies....

Spring is springing.....what a wonderful welcome after the brutal winter we just experienced.

This month we'll have plan A and Plan B depending on the weather. Suggested was the Victoria restaurant on the boardwalk at Rehobeth beach with an ocean view.
The boardwalk restaurant would not be too nice if it's a nasty rainy day so I have decided to include a Plan B
If we have to go with plan B Mari Monte.....Plan Aa will take place in May. Hopefully The day we have our lunch will be doable.

Plan A.
Victoria Restaurant
Ocean front and Olive Ave.
Rehobeth, DE
April 27th at 12 noon
Menu prices run from $10 to $17 a lunch....Just for you information so there are no surprises. Not something we do all the time but once in a while it's nice to go someplace special

Plan B (If it rains)
Mari Monte restaurante and Pizza
1030 Forest Ave
Dover, DE
Most of you have been to Mari Monte for our Christmas dinner this past Christmas.

Any question Just give me a call at 335-8232.

Hope everyone can make our April Lunch
Sign up sheet will be at the clubhouse April 1st. Don't forget to sign up for an accurate head count. Car pool as usual and we'll meet at the restaurant at 12 noon.
Probably takes about 40 to 50 mins to get there so allow plenty of time.


Men's Luncheon - April 27th

Where Pigs Fly
617 E Lockerman st
Dover, DE
April 27th at 12:30PM

This is for all the men of Southern Meadows.

Lunch will continue for the guys and Bill has shown interest in taking over. This month was suggested Where Pigs fly by the Target in Dover.
A sign up sheet will be up the clubhouse if your interested.
Any questions:

Plenty of good food and loads of guy talk.
Any suggestions for lunch are appreciate.

Call Bill Drobish