Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ladies Lunch: Plan A & B (weather permitting)

Hello all you lovely ladies....

Spring is springing.....what a wonderful welcome after the brutal winter we just experienced.

This month we'll have plan A and Plan B depending on the weather. Suggested was the Victoria restaurant on the boardwalk at Rehobeth beach with an ocean view.
The boardwalk restaurant would not be too nice if it's a nasty rainy day so I have decided to include a Plan B
If we have to go with plan B Mari Monte.....Plan Aa will take place in May. Hopefully The day we have our lunch will be doable.

Plan A.
Victoria Restaurant
Ocean front and Olive Ave.
Rehobeth, DE
April 27th at 12 noon
Menu prices run from $10 to $17 a lunch....Just for you information so there are no surprises. Not something we do all the time but once in a while it's nice to go someplace special

Plan B (If it rains)
Mari Monte restaurante and Pizza
1030 Forest Ave
Dover, DE
Most of you have been to Mari Monte for our Christmas dinner this past Christmas.

Any question Just give me a call at 335-8232.

Hope everyone can make our April Lunch
Sign up sheet will be at the clubhouse April 1st. Don't forget to sign up for an accurate head count. Car pool as usual and we'll meet at the restaurant at 12 noon.
Probably takes about 40 to 50 mins to get there so allow plenty of time.


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