Friday, July 23, 2010


Hi everyone!!!

He has arrived!! He was 8 pounds 4 ounces and absolutely stole my heart in the first second of his life! Labor wasn't fun, but well worth it. I see how people end up with 5 and 6 kids. He was 20 inces long and he's a very, very hair baby. Hee hee, he even has back hair already! I've never seen such a thing. I'm not sure where he gets that from though. He's not real big on eating yet... but I'm sure he'll come around. Our hospital stay was lovely over all but I'm so glad we are home! Dee & Mary Lou Panzig popped in on us at the hospital. It was a lovely suprise. She had to go over there for some ex-rays so they popped in. It was great to see them. Dee took pictures and Mary Lou held him for a bit.

The Southern Meadows caring committee sent me flowers which I thought was soooooo sweet! It's actually more like a plant. And thats great because I can keep and grow it and remember why I have it all the time.

Last night was our first night home and it wasn't too bad. I never really sleep through the night anyway. So, I'm very used to not having any sleep.... his Dad on the other hand always gets enough sleep and isn't used to the lack there of (I think he's delutional today, but shhhhh don't tell him I said that, LOL). I'm not worried one bit though, I'm a very fast learner so I'm sure I'll figure out how to make those late night wake up calls as short as possible!

Anyway, as soon as I get a little more confortable taking him places on my own (without his Daddy, who is AMAZING at this baby thing, among other things... lucky, lucky me!!!), I'll be coming by Southern Meadow for Collin to meet everyone and get passed around like a loaf of bread! I'll keep you all posted!!!

Here are a couple pictures till then : )
Jill and Collin

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