Saturday, August 28, 2010


The end of summer BBQ & BINGO
will be on Sept. 4TH starting at 2PM
sign-up sheet clubhouse
bring a dish, etc.

More From Verna

Discounts available from Shortcutz for fertilizing, sign up sheet in the clubhouse
the more we get the less expensive it will be, please sign up by Sept. 15th for a discount for the following year.

SHADY MAPLE is a sure thing, please start bringing in your
payments for the trip, deadline for payment is Sept. 1st

Coffee talk back on starting Sept. 1 @ 2PM
Steve Rust will also be speaking in the clubhouse at that time on Sept. 1 @ 2PM

Bingo is moving to the last Monday of the month starting August 30th
@ 7:30

Sept. 4th end of summer party
BBQ & BINGO starting at 2PM
check the clubhouse for sign up
sheet of what you are bringing!

Concensis is back there will NOT be a fall yard sale

We now have a community watch the basis of which is always "neighbor helping neighbor" always call 911 for an emergency. Committee head is Isobel Montgomery please use the number given you at the meeting.

We will moving out some large furniture from the clubhouse in the next week or so
making more room for aerobics, dances, sit down dinners and small social gatherings
we will have a nice big open room now.....Party on

Thanks again! Verna

Posting from Verna

A FEW SEATS left for Shady Maple bus trip, please sign up early
trip is Oct. 7th leaving at 9 a.m. deadline for sign up is Sept. 30
money due by Sept.1ST to hold the bus.

WOW, hope you made it to the annual sandcastle contest
in Rehoboth on the 17TH, they are just great, it is amazing!
If not make a note for next year.................FAB

September 4+5 at Dover Downes/Frankies
Bocce Tournament only $5. what fun for $5.

September 9-12 Milford Riverwalk.......great time and it's FREE

Mah jong MASTERS is taking off, they needed more space and
another table, great job ladies..........they now have two new tables
and are welcome to set up in the rear of the pool table room. Four
more chairs have been ordered and we will keep one table set up
at all times it there as soon as the chairs come in, I'm hoping next week.

Long term puzzles are set up in the back of the pool table room by the
window for correct light from the sun. The computer is coming also in the
pool table room..within a month I hope, still waiting internet hook-up.

Thanks, Verna

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No longer topless....

Mr. Tuttle has fixed the poker table top..... Thank you Mr. Tuttle!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thank you Mr. Lewis!!

Mr.Lewis got a new golf cart..... we just wanted to say thank you for all you do!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hi Everyone....

Just taking a survey to see who would be interested in a trip to Shady Maple Lancaster Pa in Sept. Verna has said if we can get 42, we'd have a bus.

The cost is around $35.

There would be lite shopping and lunch. Everyone.....gals and guys would be able to go.

In order to get this off the ground, a possible head count would sure help.

So if you are interested in this trip in Sept or Maybe even early Oct......Please let me or Verna know so we have an idea if we would be able to get a bus.

Not sure if the cost is lunch and the bus......will find out soon. It's still reasonable and would be a nice outtting for the day.

So Let us know what you think.

of course you have my email

And this is Verna's

Please pass along to your neighbor that doesn't have email.