Monday, October 11, 2010

Shady Maples!!

It rained 5 days before our outing to Shady Maple in Lancaster County, but on the 8th we were showed favor, and it was a beautiful fall day for our motor coach trip. The best time was had by all....the laughter, jokes, pictures and friends sharing stories was simply the best. Shady Maple (as always) was the most gracious host, we ate until we could not eat anymore...well that is, until we got to Kitchen
Kettle! We walked, shopped, sat in the sun and had tons of fun with our family
and friends from Southern Meadow. We played games, won prizes and many
worked on crafts for the up coming "Fall Fling" on Nov. 13TH The top story of
the day, were those Phillies the night before, everyone was talking about it.
Kitchen Kettle took us on another journey of homemade Amish foods to take
home and yes, some to partake of there also, we didn't get enough at Shady Maple
so we filled up again 20 minutes down the road at Kitchen Kettle yum, yum, yum!!!
Our next big trip is Christmas in New York City on Dec. 8TH, Wed. sign up early don't miss
the fun!

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