Saturday, December 11, 2010

Clay Shooting!

The guys of Southern Meadow got out all their gear and
took off in the wind & cold of December to share in
some brotherly man time shooting clays with
owners Andy & Derek Strine.

What a good time was had by all the guys, shooting clays
in the great outdoors of Sussex county, Delaware. The
anticipation is high for the next adventure being planned in
the spring when the famous Greenwood BBQ opens for the
season, then the full and true Sussex County clay shooting
experience will be complete. That is an experience that is
worth the wait for Larry, Walt and Bill.

We invite you to come on down and be part of our Southern
Meadow family. Our sales team can have you enjoying this
lifestyle before the next "Men's day out" event in the spring.
We're not about just selling you a home, we enjoy being part
of the lifestyle experiences being shared here daily at the meadow.
Southern Meadow is truly a unique experience and we still have
room for you!


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