Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tis the season to join in on the 37th annual
Candlelight tour to benefit Kent County
Community Schools.

Homeowners from Southern
Meadow adorned themselves in hats, coats, gloves
and scarves as we walked from door to door.
From Windswept to State Street and Rising Sun too,
Santa was there and watching you.
Seven families this year opened up their hearts and their homes
to ensure a better education for our youth in the John S.
Charlton School. It was a perfect winter
evening, the homes were beautifully decorated in the
eclectic styles to match each home. Every home was a new
experience from an upside Christmas
tree, a New Orleans style tree, largest inside nativity scene and
all handcrafted decorations to name just a few. There was caroling, ciders
and cookies too.
Just a perfect down home country Christmas.

Once again, if you didn't make this year, we hope you can join
in, in years to come. Merry Christmas!

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