Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bingo Review...

WOW, what a nice way to send a chilly afternoon at Southern Meadow.
Bingo was enjoyed by friends and neighbors at the clubhouse, it was one
of those 'YOU HAD TO BE THERE" events. I will tell this much, some people
want to snatch some prizes while others we couldn't pay anyone to take......
but it was a lot of laughs for everyone and we are all about the FUN
and LAUGHTER at Southern Meadow

Some of our friends were ill and couldn't make it this time, we wish them a speedy
recovery and we look forward to seeing them there next month on the 3rd
Friday in February at 11A

Before the next Afternoon Delite Bingo in February, we have the
Super Bowl Party on 2/6 at 5P, sign up sheet is at the clubhouse
now, so sign up early. You can also buy into the Super Bowl pool at $2.
a square, the details are on the sign up sheet, see Don for details.

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