Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Beautiful Day at Southern Meadow!!

A look down Bluebell Drive!

A look down Lexington Mill Road!

More Lexington Mill...

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Management Meeting

We discussed a number of points at the resident management meeting on Thursday. For those that could not attend, I will review them here.
There was an issue that Verna brought to my attention before she left, but I didn’t get to at the last meeting, regarding us plowing all the residents’ driveways and sidewalks. We had talk about this with the residents a few years ago, and all felt the cost of that would be too much to make any sense. Since it was brought to my attention again, I looked into it again.
For us to be staffed and equipped to handle all the driveways and sidewalks, we would need a bob cat/skid steer with a box blade suitable to clear the driveways and a few walk behind snow blowers capable to handling the sidewalks. We would need to add 3 men to be able to take care of the community in a day, after a snow fall, and the biggest item would be the huge increase in our insurance liability coverage costs. I spoke with our insurance rep, and he thought it could double or triple our costs. No carrier considers any liability of the individual lots and walk ways, just the open spaces.
We did not proceed beyond this, based on the obvious costs associated with it. To add $30 or 35 per month to the rent seemed silly when in a normal year, residents can hire the kids that come thru to do it for a fraction of the cost. Plus we would need to charge the higher rent whether it snowed or not, since we’d own the equipment, and have the guys available to do the work
We are making good progress with the new hire, and have a final interview today (Thursday). We had a residents meeting with the prospect at 2PM on Saturday at the clubhouse. Thank you to all who attended! It went very well and your input was much appreciated.
Mandatory recycling starts in September, by State law. The trash company will drop off cans some time before it begins, and will also update all residents as to the days the recycling will get picked up. I believe they will get the cans every other week, or 2x per month, but we have no idea of the days at this point. I have a meeting with our rep next week, and should get more info at that point.
Likewise yard waste may not be disposed of in your trash cans. We will be picking up yard waste the last Thursday of each month, the same day as the management meetings. If you have a need to dispose of yard waste before that time, and want to take care of it yourself, talk with Jim and he can let you know where it should go. Remember, they can fine you up to $500 for putting yard waste in your can, so please don’t do it!
Grass cutting will start up soon, either the week of the 11th, or the following week, based on the weather. Irrigation systems will be spring started in mid April. They will turn on your system, run it thru a cycle to check all the heads, and then turn off the switch. When the dry days of summer come, you can turn on your system by just going to the box on your house, and switching it on. Please ask Jim if you have any questions.
The Garden opens up April 15th at 11AM, so please wait till then to claim your spot. We added a few more spots this year, since it’s so popular. We will be tilling the ground, and adding mushroom soil, so it will be ready for you in April.
Jill has finished the calendar, so stop by or check on line to get your copy.