Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Gold Medal Winner At Southern Meadow

Southern Meadow is beyond ecstatic.....We, yes WE DO have our very own National Senior Olympic Gold Medal Winner!! Congratulations to Steve Arnold and all of the members on the Delaware Stars Softball Team. (Featured in the picture below Left to Right Ron Love, James Terry, Steve Arnold, LeRoy Hurley)

Below is the article that was featured in the Dover Post!

Dover, Del. — by Chris Stevens, Staff Writer Dover Post

They went for a good time and a good cause — both missions were accomplished by four Kent County seniors who were members of the Delaware Stars softball team.
From June 21 to June 25, they helped claim the 60-64 age group gold medal at the Senior Olympics in Houston, Texas.
“We had a great time and the guys played very well,” said Ron Lowe, who met family he previously had only talked to via telephone while in Houston. “James Terry was a terror in the outfield and we succeeded in our goal of winning a gold medal.”
The Stars defeated another First State team, Delaware Gold, 26-7 on Saturday June 25 to claim the gold. The Stars finished with a 3-1 record throughout the course of four days, averaging 18 runs per game while holding the opposition to 10 runs per contest.
“It feels good to win the gold. We were excited to play against the major teams and hold them to a few runs,” Leroy Hurley said. “I knew going into the winners bracket that we could win. We did and we had a lot of fun.”
The trip to Houston was also fun for James Terry and Steve Arnold, who enjoyed playing on fields constructed to resemble some of the great parks from Major League Baseball’s past.
“It was amazing. The venues we played in were like nothing I’d ever seen before,” Terry said. “They set up the fields to look like some of the ones you would see in the major leagues.”
“They had fake fans in the stands. I joked when I made a catch out in left centerfield that a lady poured a beer on me,” Arnold said. “They had parks that looked like Ebbets Field, Fenway Park, St. Louis’ stadium and Yankees Stadium — it was great.”
Arnold was happy to be a part of the experience and was glad to motivate his teammates before the gold medal game against familiar competition.
“I told them before the game ‘We’re friends now, but when we step across those lines, we have no friends,’” he said.
Arnold was easily the most excited of the bunch, admitting to “hooting and hollering like a little kid” when the Stars clinched the gold medal.
“It was great to have the ability to compete with folks our age, absolutely fantastic,” Arnold said.
“I didn’t know a lot of the guys on the team before, so it was like being the new kid on the block,” Terry said. “Once we started playing together, I felt confident and comfortable that we were going to win.”

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