Saturday, July 16, 2011

Southern Meadow Invades Tangier Island!!

On July 13th the Southern Meadow Community boarded a bus (transportation was provided by Andy, Thanks Andy)headed to Crisfield, MD. After Christmas in July on the bus (some games we played)....

Everyone boarded a boat for a beautiful 14 mile scenic cruise across the Chesapeake Bay to the quaint, picturesque island called Tangier. Along the way everyone was able to see the chain of islands that form the Tangier Sound. The history of the island was told along with a few other islands of the bay - Fox Island, Watts Island, and Port Isobel. Also, on the way everyone viewed the inhabitants of the bay such as the water fowl.

After the hour long trip the journey on the island begins. Stepping back in time everyone was able to stroll and enjoy the local stores and a wonderful buffet lunch at a very nice restaurant.

Memories were definitely included!!! It's a HAPPENING THING! Thank you Mr. Mason for organizing this wonderful trip!

The Ride to the Island!

Friends and family having a wonderful time!

Tons of laughs and smiles!

Happy, Happy People!!

When's the next trip???!

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