Friday, August 19, 2011

I Love Book Club

Southern Meadow Book Club met today to discuss last month's book choice, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. The majority of people felt that the book was difficult to read, intended for a younger audience, in a different time. So overall disappointment was expressed about this choice. However, some interesting points WERE brought up! We discussed the "slang" used in the book in that time in the South, the painting of the fence was a classic move that Tom made getting others to do it! We also pondered exactly how old is Tom Sawyer? Was he a kid of around 8 or was he a teenager? He did lose his tooth but was it because he was young or because of lack of dental care? What happened to his mother? How did he and his cousin Sid come to live with their Aunt Polly? How did Aunt Polly provide for everyone? These are questions that will never have an answer.

Next month's Southern Meadow Book Club choice is Sarah's Key by Tatiana d Rosnay. In the summer of 1942, the French police arrested thousands of Jewish families and held them outside of Paris before shipping them off to Auschwitz. On the 60th anniversary of the roundups, an expatriate American journalist covering the atrocities discovers a personal connection—her apartment was formerly occupied by one such family. She resolves to find out what happened to Sarah, the 10-year-old daughter, who was the only family member to survive. The story is heart-wrenching, and Polly Stone gives an excellent performance, keeping a low-key tone through descriptions of horror that would elicit excessive dramatics from a less talented performer. Her characters are easy to differentiate, and her French accent is convincing. De Rosnay's novel is captivating, and the powerful narration gives it even greater impact. A St. Martin's hardcover.

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