Thursday, August 25, 2011

Management Meeting

Here is the Management Recap Meeting for August 25th.

Hurricane We have a category 2 hurricane arriving this weekend. It is HIGHLY recommended that everyone puts their trash cans away, patio furniture, grills, flags, windchimes.....basically anything that isn't nailed down outside. The pool furniture will be secured on Friday. If you wish to use the pool prior to the storm please do not use the furniture. Also, we are letting the pool level drop a bit because of all the rain we do not want it to over flow. You can follow the storm on your radio, tv or try this site

Southern Meadow is Recycling! Everyone has received the blue recycling container with the gray lid. Along with a sheet that tells you what can and can not go into the container. Recycling will begin on or about September 12th. Allied Waste Services will be sending everyone a letter stating the date. Look for it on the monthly calendar!

Good'N Plenty due to the cost the trip has been cancelled. On November 2 there will be a trip to Shady Maple! Sign up in the clubhouse!

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