Thursday, August 11, 2011

Resident Spotlight The Kochs

In this month's Southern Meadow Resident Spotlight are.....Janet and Larry Koch!

Both were born in NY and moved to Queens in their early childhood. Despite attending the same high school they did not meet until Janet's graduation party (Larry is 2 years older). They started dating while in college. Larry atteneded SUNY majoring in Education and Janet attended City University of NY majoring in Biological Sciences. After dating 2-3 years Janet and Larry were married and honeymooned in the beautiful Bahamas.

Janet's career in biological sciences gave her exposure to various hospitals as Larry further enhanced his career in the school systems. They welcomed their son Andrew into the world in 1986. They've lived in NY, Maine(twice), and New Jersey, approaching retirement they researched Southern Meadow to be the best place to live.

Both are actively involved in the Delaware Community. Whether participating at the Synagogue or heading down town to support the Arts and Theater on the Breen. Larry continues to help others working part time in the school system as a teacher. He enjoys perfecting his comedic skills performing at various Senior Centers. Larry will be at the Dover Modern Maturity Center presenting Lincoln's humor.

Janet has embraced retirement while Larry is easing into it! They believe in enjoying their retirement years, but that life extends beyond yourself and you have to think about all the other things to do in the world and in the community.

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