Friday, September 30, 2011

Management Meeting

Here's the recap to the Management Monthly Meeting! The big topic was Getting Ready for the Winter.

Winter is Coming: A few Reminders on How to Prepare Your Home

1. Make sure your foundation vents are closed. If you walk around your home, your will see vents or grates set into the foundation. They are open in the summer for ventilation, but should be closed in the winter time, to help keep the heat in and stop your pipes from freezing.

2. Outside hose. Please disconnect it. If you leave it connected, you run the risk of freezing the waterline into your home. When the hose remains connected, it does not allow water to drain out of the faucet.

3. Make sure your heat tape switch is in the "on" position. The switch will be in your utility room, your heat tape is hard wired and doesn't need to be turned on.

4. Replace your heater filter this should be done 4 times a year to ensure better air quality and optimal performance of your heating and cooling system.

5. Check weather stripping around doors and windows. No one wants to lose heat in their homes!

6. Caulk your roof vents. This should be done approximately every 5 years, still check them every year to make sure they are good. Caulking roof vents ensures that warm air is not escaping from your house.

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