Saturday, October 22, 2011

Southern Meadow Meet and Greet

Sometimes you move into a new neighborhood and you never see your neighbors. Or if you do happen to see them, it's a wave and off everyone goes running off to do their own thing. "Names?? The neighbor has a name, really, just don't know it??" Not here at Southern Meadow. Every quarter we have a Meet and Greet. A really nice function in the clubhouse where all the old neighbors get to meet all the new neighbors. Names are exchanged, (no tests are given after to see who remembers who!) likes and dislikes are discussed and of course food was served! I was beyond happy, someone made gluten free cupcakes and they were YUMMY! Everyone went around the room and said their name, the street they lived on and what brought them to Southern Meadow. It's really nice to hear how everyone happens to come together. In fact it has really made me realize what a small world we are in. I am fortunate to say that there is someone in this community whose grandson (who lives in another state) is going to the same high school I went to, and another community member's daughter and I went to the same grammar and middle school together way back when!

We sang Happy Birthday to 2 people!

Amazing spread of food!

Yummy sugar doughnuts, heard they were delicious and went super duper quick!

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