Monday, November 21, 2011


November has been a blockbuster of celebrations at Southern Meadow. We had the Thanksgiving Covered Dish Party, a Holiday Decorating Party and 2 Birthday Parties!
I think everyone has had more then their share of birthday cake......

The first birthday party was for Rosalie. Telling Rosalie that there was a surprise party for another person, she came armed with her own appetizer and a gift! Was she ever surprised!

Getting Ready to toast the person she thought the party was for!

What?? This is for me??

OMG I bought an appetizer and a gift to my own party!!

The Gang is all here

A surprise 70th Birthday Party for Mary Jane, the turnout was HUGE!

Meeting a bunch of Southern Meadow Ladies for lunch at the Stargate Diner they all came back to the clubhouse for cake. Mary Jane was SO surprised!

Good Times with Good Friends

Presents Presents and More Presents!


What are you going to do with that mask?

Let's have CAKE!

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