Monday, March 5, 2012


What is Bunco??? Well, come on out to the Clubhouse at 2 pm and find out! But in the meantime here is a brief explanation of the game....

Bunco, also called Bunko or Bonko is a simple dice game. This game offers the opportunity to socialize with your friends with an element of gambling. The definition of bunco is a slang term for a trick or a scheme to swindle people out of at the moment we do not have to play for money. Our goal is to learn the game and get everyone involved! Later if everyone wants to throw money in a pot (like in Bingo) then that is something we can do.

Bunco can be played with a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 12. 3 tables of 4 people the game is played in rounds. Each round, the dice is passed around the table while the person tries to role for points. Play stops when someone from any table reaches 21 or roles BUNCO!

The game can be catered towards a theme such as crazy hat day, prizes are given out and people rotate tables to socialize more with friends and neighbors......Come on out today at 2 pm role the dice, have a great time with friends old and new and play BUNCO!

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