Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Management Meeting March

As you all know spring has sprung! Do keep in mind I started this email last week when the weather was beautiful. Now that I am ready to email it, the weather has changed. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 70s but if by a slim chance we get snow tonight it is because I have emailed this to all of you!!! We had a very mild winter which I know I am very thankful for but with the warm weather of spring comes the spring cleaning….UGH! So, at this month’s management meeting (which are now every other month) the topic being discussed is……Outdoor Spring Cleaning.

Sooo the general guideline of the meeting is going to be about the outside of your home…..-

  • Please check your shutters on your home. Do you find them to be a little discolored from the sun beating down on them? A fresh coat of paint will take care of that.

  • Is your siding a little green from algae? Do your gutters need to be cleaned? It’s a good idea to get your house cleaned at least once a year, take off any grime from the winter (even though we had a mild winter we did have a lot of rain) If you need someone to do the power washing give the office a call and I can get hold of Frank and he will come out to give you an estimate. I know a few people have contacted at 302-422-7787 they will come out and power wash your home, clean your windows and gutters and put a hot sealer wax on your home to seal shine and protect it. From what I have been hearing the deal is pretty good…
  • Crawl space vents will need to be opened to filter the air in. Don’t forget to turn the heat strip of.


  • Oh the dreadful weeds how they keep coming. I know I worked on my landscaping for many hours last weekend. Do your flower beds need to be cleaned up for spring? Getting out there and trimming the shrubs, pulling the weeds, edging the beds and putting down fresh mulch gives everything a clean and beautiful look! Shortcutz came around with a package deal to help clean up your flower beds and get them looking beautiful for the summer. Feel free to shop around and use someone else. There are many other landscapers in town to name a few, Johnny Nichols, Gumpman’s Lawn, Precision etc. If you are looking for a list of people I will gladly get you any number that you need.


  • Shortcutz also came around with a fertilization package once again feel free to shop around for the best deal. I have a list of people that have requested not to be turned on for their irrigation. My question to you is are you turning your system on yourself or not at all? Just to give everyone a friendly reminder you are required to irrigate your lot at least 3 times weekly. I know that this can be a touchy subject all I am asking is for you to kindly maintain your lawns so that the community can maintain it’s beautiful standards for everyone to enjoy and take pride in. We will begin mowing lawns on April 2nd.

Yard Waste Pick Up….

    Is back starting on the last Thursday of March. March 29th.

Community Garden….

  • Opening day is April 23rd at 10 am. Come “claim your spot” one plot per household and if there are any left over you are more then welcome to have another plot. This is on a first come first serve basis. Please maintain your plots this year or you will force management to eat all your veggies!!

See you on Thursday thanks

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