Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Coffee Talk - Master Gardeners Part II

The speaker for Coffee Talk this month was Wendy and I was very educated on all she had to offer. I learned a lot about planting a container garden. The variety of plants were amazing. Especially the parsley. Who would of thought parsley would actually look good in a container with flowers but it did. It served as a nice green filler.
Drilling a hole in the bottom of the container for drainage

A few of the tips she had were to fill a diaper with water crystals dampen it and put it in the bottom of your container before filling it with soil. It will help keep the moisture in your container. Another one is when you take a plant out of a container and the roots are intertwined and bunched together you should _ _ _ _ _ _ it? (I forgot what she called it). Which is separate them and trim the any long pieces. I always thought that would hurt a plant to disturb the roots but Wendy said it does just the opposite.

Yep a diaper filled with water crystals....who would have thunk that!

She also talked About compost and how the rich soil you get from it is so beneficial to your vegetable and flower garden. You can use a heavy garbage bag, start out with a little soil and keep adding all your kitchen scraps to the bag keep it shut and shake it up once in awhile to mix it before it gets to heavy and after a few months you have a very rich soil. I really enjoyed Wendy's presentation and am looking forward to taking a road trip to see her Gardens at Killens Pond.  Check back to see our visit to the Master Gardener's House and her garden!!

The pot is filled with the rich compost and she is planting away!

The final result!!!   Beautiful! :)

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