Friday, June 22, 2012

Dinner for 6

The Dinner for 6 was a huge success and I asked for each of the hosts/hostess to tell me about their without further adieu...

Barbara P's experience......
For the first "Tables dinner", we as hosts were delighted to have Sibyl and Warren (long time residents) and Sandy and John (new residents). We knew Sibyl and Warren casually from bowling and other functions but never really sat down and talked at length. Sandy and John we had just met when they moved in but again never sat long enough to really talk.

This really gave us all a chance to get to know each other in a small intimate setting with no interruptions. You might say that all of us certainly have the "gift of gab". We talked and laughed through almost two hours!

The fun also extended for dessert at the clubhouse. There all the groups met up for coffee and dessert; I think we didn't leave untill 8:30PM!

Can't wait for the next "Tables" dinner.

Larry K's experience....
The first progressive dinner results are in, and the night was a great success in so many ways. . Whether you are a guest (bringing in a side dish) or a host (supplying a main course), all appeared to have a good time. The food was delicious, and the company was great. It was an especially nice way for new residents to meet people, and for long-time residents to renew and enrich their acquaintances. Large parties serve their purposes, but take far more organization and work. Often you can’t hear the people next to you, and overriding egos, cliques and feuds, which I guess are also part of the human condition, make them a less effective way for neighbors to meet. This is also especially a great vehicle for singletons and shy people to enjoy meeting neighbors, and have a cheap night out. Our thanks to Christine, for having the persistence and insights to try a new idea and to make it work

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