Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pot Luck Bowling!!

By Dollie Lampa

May 29th 2012, Southern Meadow Bowlers hit a perfect 300 of fun, friendship and showmanship!  This day lead us to a perfect potluck dinner at the clubhouse.  The yummies were so yummy that everyones tummy hit a strike that ended up with no leftovers to spare!

The dishes were pulled pork, sloppy joes over freshed baked rolls, fried rice, veggie and fruit salads, cole slaw and potato salad to die for!  Homemade desserts were deliciously irresistible.  Thankfully, no one was counting calories.  How can anyone pass up cupcakes with frosting and strawberry topping, chocolate covered truffles, brownies and not to forget chinese donuts sprinkled with pure sugar.

To all the cooks and bakers especially Ginny who organized the party, thank you, job well done!  Fun continued with bathing beauties in the pool and their respective Romeos keeping watch by the pool, just in case someone needed resusitation.  HA! HA! HA!  Dollie, are they talking about you?  Maybe, but Dollie wasn't in the pool!

Party was a lot of fun and looking forward to another potluck like this!

HEY I am not ready!!

Get in Line stop fooling around!

Beautiful picture and a wonderful crowd!

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