Thursday, June 14, 2012

Reading PA Airshow!

Mid-Atlantic Air Museum's 22nd Anniversary World War II Weekend - A gathering of Warbirds June 1-3.  A great place to see WWI and WWII vintage airplanes as well as military re-enactors.  There will be over 100 WWII vehicles and thousands of re-enactors.  There are allied camps set up as home front displays, swing dances, USO shows and tons of things to see and do.  The World War II Weekend is a wonderful testimonial to the men and the women who sacrificed it all for freedom!  A few of the Southern Meadow guys was there to see it all!  Here is Mr. Dee's story!

On June 1, 2012 Mr. Dee, Ron, Bill and Bruce had a great time at the "22nd Annual World War II Weekend."  This is a three day event and the theme this year was "A Gathering of War Brides."  Even though with the predicted thunder storms and heavy rain, we went on opening day June 1, 2012.  With my handicap parking ticket we were able to get up close and by 10:30 am we were in!  Now picture this, you enter the front gate.  You were taken back in time, the first thing that you see is a recreation of a Belgium/French Village.  US troops and German Troops in WWII garb.   Then you walk up a hill and when you reach the top you can visit Army, Marine Corp., German, Russian, Polish, Japanese and other WWII military encampments.  Each of the above will tell you their story, answer any questions and demonstrate the gear they had like - guns, uniforms, vehicle and demonstrate their gear.   Head on over to the runway and watch as the planes come in for the show.  Every 15 minutes or so another, then another.  By the end of the day, the Reading Air Field is full of planes and people.  The air show began at 2 pm and what a show that was!  The rain held off until we were leaving at 5 pm.  What a day!

Mr. Dee took so many beautiful pictures that the best way to display them all was in a power point presentation.  Enjoy them I did!

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