Friday, August 10, 2012

July Men's Luncheon

This month the guys took a trip to Doner Haus in Dover DE.  This small delicatessen features the doner which is an incredibly addictive sandwich made from lamb, beef and pork layered on a vertical broiler.  Similar to Gyros and Schwarma, the meats cook together and blend their flavors.  Doners are served on a large crusty roll and packed with brined cabbage, onions and topped with a cucumber & garlic sauce called tsaziki (which takes 3 days to make!).  Crumbled feta cheese, a wedge of tomato and a pickled pepper top the sandwich.  Doners are also served in a flour tortilla wrap, or with everything piled on top of a bed of french fries.  OH YUMMY!   That's where everyone was for lunch and way to much fun!

If I wave good bye maybe she will leave us alone to enjoy our lunch??
The 3 Stooges!!

She's still there taking our picture isn't she??

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