Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Fun!

The weather has been something else.  Scorching hot one minute and then a forecast for severe thunderstorms the next.  Well, that did nothing to stop us from having a summer barbeque of hamburgers and hotdogs!  Everyone signed up to bring a side we pulled the grills on the front steps of the clubhouse and COOKED AWAY!  Thanks to all that came!

The guys firing up the grills and cooking!

Two former Jersey Girls telling yous exactly how it is!

Happy Couples :)

Oh that Mets shirt, football season he will be wearing the Giants (YUCK!) LOL

The 50/50 raised over $70 for the clubhouse!
Selling the tickets!

She always lights up everyone's day with her beautiful smile!

As usual horsing around!

Friends old and new!

Dessert is served and the angel food with the filling was out of this world Sandy!

Sandy and Mom enjoying dessert for 2!

So honestly, what are you waiting for????  Come on and join the fun at Southern Meadow everyone is having a wonderful time!

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