Friday, November 16, 2012

Wine Lovers Unite at Southern Meadow

Nothing, I mean nothing is better then going to a wine tasting!  It is a wonderful way to socialize with your friends and neighbors and expand your taste buds.  A wine tasting is kind of like a book club, a way for people to come together and try something new and give positive or negative feedback about what the have tried.

Southern Meadow was the host of our very first wine tasting party.  Munchies were included in this party, platters of different kinds of cheeses, meats and olives.  We had our very own wine connoisuer named James, who came out with a variety of wines for everyone to sample.  We started in Italy with an Asti Spumante, and moved on to a selection of white wines from Italy, Germany and South America (a chardonay, a sauvignon blanc, a roscata, and Pinot Grigio).  Then we moved onto red wines from Italy and Chile sampling a chianti, a carbenet and a pinot noir).  I gotta say the wine was flowing! 

The best thing about the wine tasting was everything we learned.  James explained how to open a bottle of wine, the taste and smell, to cork or not to cork the wine bottle, the grapes the list was endless.  At the end of the night we had a trivia question to answer and the winner received what else???  A bottle of wine!

For our first wine tasting I give it 2 thumbs up!  After the holidays we are going to have another one and try a whole bunch of new wines.....heaven!  Salud!!!  The wine that was ordered will be here today!

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