Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Southern Meadow Thanksgiving!

A crisp fall day sets the scene for our Thanksgiving Celebration at the Clubhouse. This is our 2nd Celebration and the turn out was HUGE! At $5 per person (to cover the cost of the 5 Turkeys, 5 and 2 turkey breasts) and everyone brings a side. Tons of food, tons of laughs and tons of fun! Every year it is getting bigger and bigger. I can't wait to see it next year. We also did a food drive and will continue to run it through the month of December. Thankful for our families, health and friends Southern Meadow is generous in helping others who are less fortunate then we are. Bring a non-perishable item to the clubhouse and let's fill the food banks!

The Food!

And More Food!

Help Yourselves!!



She is the best!  Always has a smile on her face!


Wonderful Couple!
Happy Together!

New Residents!  Welcome to the Community!
Here comes trouble!
Friends old and new, living, loving and laughing!  Happy Thanksgiving!



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