Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Veterans Day November 11, 2013

Thank A Vet
By William A Predeau

Many people travel to our shores
To escape their world of strife
and leave their troubled lands behind
To enjoy our way of life

But our way of life in America
Didn't come easy, so don't forget
If you love what we enjoy today
Be sure and thank a Vet

They shed their blood on foreign shores
to help keep others free
and many never came back home
to their wives and family

Many fathers, sons and daughters
Still battle in distant sand
May they never be forgotten
Nor the fight they have at hand

The bells will toll in their honor
As long as we never forget
America is what it is today
Thank God and Thank a Vet

Veterans Day Monday November 11, 2013.  Today's ceremony honoring our Veterans was perfect.  Starting with lunch at Texas Roadhouse followed by a beautiful, moving ceremony at the Clubhouse.  We honored those that have served and are serving.  Thank you to Sib, Patti and Ron for a wonderful service and THANK YOU to all who have served and are serving to protect our freedom!

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All of our Veterans that served! 

Our Army Vets

Our Navy Vets

Our Air Force Vets

Our Marine Vets!
Our Israeli Defense Force Vet!

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