Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DIY Living Wall Garden

I don't know about you but I have a love affair with food and cooking I mean EVERYTHING!  The smell of sauce on the stove, burgers on the grill and using fresh herbs!  Well, the weather in our area lately has been a wild roller coaster ride.  Mother Nature is quite moody these days - hot, cold, tearful (rainy), windy.......she is just not sure what she is feeling.  Sometimes it makes you wonder if she is going through menopause?????!!!  So, with the hopes of Spring right around the corner I thought why not bring spring into the house?  A DIY Living Wall Garden where everyone in the community can come on down to the model office at Southern Meadow and snip some herbs to add to their food!  We all know that fresh herbs make your food taste so much better.  

A Living Wall Garden is SO SIMPLE and inexpensive to do.  You can plant the herbs in plastic containers, pots, tea cups, coffee mugs or mason jars (that's what I used) be creative and use your imagination!  Hang the herbs in the containers diagonally, upside down or right side up.  It is definitely something that you can play with and have fun.  Plus it makes a fantastic conversation piece!

My supplies were very simple; chalk board paint, tape, and a brush, wood (we salvaged), nails, hose clamps, drill, mason jars, rocks to help with drainage and herbs.
We laid the wall out to see what it would look like.  We used a flat surface. Spaced the wood out with how it would look on the wall.

Then Jimmy marked the wall so we could tape it and chalk board paint it.

Taped the wall.

Two coats of paint later.

Next we measured out the placement of our hose clamps.  One thing about Jimmy EVERYTHING had to be evenly spaced on this project.  There was no "rugged" look.  If you want the "rugged" look GO FOR IT!

Once the board was measured for the placement of the hose clamps we drilled a hole in the hose clamp and then used the nail to anchor it to the wood.

Then we hung the wood onto the wall!

Place the stone at the bottom of the jar to help with drainage and then fill the  mason jars with an assortment of herbs, you can even start with seeds.

Place in the hose clamp and screw on tight.  Label the wall with your herbs and enjoy!

Taking care of the herbs is a breeze.  I use a small watering pot to keep my herbs watered and if I need to I can easily unclamp the jar!  

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